About Enormt

Engineering Technologies PLC is established by a group of energetic engineers to provide total solutions to customers in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries. The founding members came from various experience and knowledge accumulated for long years.

ENORMT provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT), electromechanical, Construction, training and consultancy services in Ethiopia. We are one of the leading system integrator companies in the region. We strive for quality and excellence in our service provision and products to exceed customers' requirements.

As it can be seen from the organizational structure below, ENORMT is lead by one General Manager and four Deputy Managers.   Each deputy General Manager is responsible for its respective service section and accountable to the General Manger. In each department there are  a pool of experts and technicians with different disciplines to meet or exceed our clients requirement in every sector we are engaed.

OrganizationalStructure                                                                                                                         Enormt Organizational Structure

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Enormt Engineering Technologies PLC
Africa Avenue, ESEMACO Building, 8th floor, room 805
P.O.Box 64548, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
T: +251 925 938475
E: info@enormtengineering.com
W: www.enormtengineering.com