Telecom and Broadcasting


We help customers to address communication requirements by designing, supplying, implementing quality and cost-effective communication systems using the latest technology available.

  • Telephone PABX System Design ,supply, Installation and technical support                                                
  • Video/audio conferencing system design, supply and  installation                                             
  • Design ,supply  and installation of broadband  VSAT system
  • Design and installation of access network including copper, fiber-optic cable
  • Indoor and outdoor installation and configuration  of transmission, GSM,UMTS and LTE systems
  • Design, supply and install Wireless data link and mobile backhaul
  • Consultancy in any telecom system
  • Telecom tower installation 
  • Radio requency  (RF) and Optical measurement tools supply
  • Tele medicine
  • Tele education



 Based on the clients requirement, we will be able to design and install the public FM/AM radio and television production systems along with the complete antenna system.                                                                           


  • AM/FM radio studio design, supply and Installation
  • AM/FM radio station  antenna tower supply and  installation
  • TV studio design, supply  and installation
  • Radio/TV transmission system design, supply and installation
  • VSAT Broadcasting system
  • DVB-2 system supply and installation                                                                    


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